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Monday, July 4, 2011

13 Ideas For A Rainy Day In Myrtle Beach

1.   FUN WAREHOUSE, Surfside Beach
         2349 Dick Pond Rd (Hwy. 544)
         Surfside Beach, SC 29575

          Whether you have children with you or not, check out the website for the list of daily activities.  Why not relive the roller skating rink days of your youth ?  or play the fool by running around with the youngsters in Laser Tag ?   There are also separate party rooms for young and old alike. 

           The location on 544 near the Surfside Beach Wal-mart makes this central to most areas.     

2.   BEACH BEADS & GLASS STUDIO, Surfside Beach
        1918 Hwy. 17 North
        Surfside Beach, SC 29575

            Come in to shop, take a class, or do both.   Heather and her family have set up their store so that you can watch the glass being blown through the front window.   

            This is not just a great place to pass a rainy day, but it's perfect for a Girl's Night Out event or for the Gentleman in town playing golf who want to bring back something beautiful to pacify their wives and/or girlfriends upon their return.   The ideas are limitless. 

             The Beach Beads website has been put together so as to entice the reader to, at the very least, come on down to the store and meet the nicest people who pride themselves in their craft. 

3.   ZUMBA @ FUN WAREHOUSE Surfside Beach
             Though I've already mentioned the Fun Warehouse, I like to list Zumba separate as there are many folks from out of town who don't want to miss their Zumba fix.   

              I can personally tell you from having been exposed to the many different instructors on the Grand Strand, that Pamela Patterson is Tops.   She's been in the fitness business for years and years, knows her stuff and makes that hour of  Zumba a totally enjoyable experience no matter what your fitness level.    It's all about moving and dancing and toning.  You'll forget you're exercising because Zumba is so much fun.  

And who can beat the price?  Only $5.  

         1943 Mr. Joe White Ave.
          Myrtle Beach

             There's always something going on at Fred Astaire.   You are welcome to come on in anytime and experience one of the many group classes or take advantage of the current special listed on the Website.    Thursdays are Guest nights and on Friday nights there is a group class followed by a dance party so you can try out your new moves.

             Dancing With the Stars has brought all types of Ballroom Dancing back into the mainstream.   Come experience the health benefits of dancing and the social benefits of being around a group of people who love to dance no matter what their level of expertise.  

             Plan your next Girls Night Out party here or a Birthday Party event for adults or children, as there are also Children's Ballroom classes offered.   

             I've seen the studio involved in the local Community as well... participating in events such as Horry County Dancing With the Stars and helping to raise funds for non-profit organizations.

             When the weather outside is steamy and rainy or hot and humid then slip into the air conditioned studio and meet some of the friendliest folks on the Grand Strand.   

5    LOCAL LIBRARIES,  Horry County
          Follow the link to the nearest branch and come in from the heat or the rain and fall in love with books again.   Many of the libraries have events during the week to keep the youngsters busy for a little while so Mom and Dad can sit back and relax and read a magazine or thumb through a good book or just nod off in a chair.

          I personally love going to the large library in Conway as it reminds me of the large libraries up North, but the Surfside Beach branch is now undergoing renovation and will be much larger!   


* Imaginations Inc. 
   Creative Costumers
   3237 Waccamaw Blvd.
   Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

A HUGE selection of costumes and accessories and an extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff.  Imaginations also has a super large inventory of dance wear, shoes and other pertinent paraphernalia.   

* Christmas Mouse
     2306 South Kings Hwy.
       Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

I first entered a Christmas Mouse store when I lived in Virginia several years ago.   I thought I would find a store full of overpriced items, but I have found that not to be the case.  There is really something for everyone here.  I love a really nice and thoughtful ornament to give as a gift for a new baby, wedding, birthday or as a souvenir. 

I saw the parking lot filled with cars as I passed by the store last night and it made me smile to think about all the people inside gettin' their "jolly" on five months early!

*Once Upon a Child, Surfside Beach
   Next to the Wal-Mart in Surfside Beach on Hwy. 544
   2727 Beaver Run Blvd.
   Surfside Beach SC 29575

         When you look up flea markets online, you will find Hudson's Surfside Flea Market.   Out of an extreme sense of civic duty; I urge you to avoid this place.   Unless you enjoy mass-produced crap which you can find in any Dollar store, then you're better off hitting some local garage sales.   

           And, on that note, I'd probably avoid the yard and garage sale scene in Myrtle Beach and the South Strand as well.   I find that many older folks set up sales week after week with the same old household items and the same old trinkets and the same old clothing which consists mostly of Christmas sweatshirts sporting pictures of little kittens in santa caps.    And to make matters worse, these sellers have an extremely distorted view of the value of the items they are selling.  They would rather keep the item, then sell it to you for less than the asking price.

What were we talking about?

Oh yes, flea markets.

* Myrtle Beach Flea Market (Across from Myrtle Beach State Park, in the Food Lion strip mall)  
     More of a traditional indoor flea market.  Check out the website for times and directions and the photo gallery.

* PLATOs CLOSET, Surfside Beach
    1399 South Commons Dr, B6
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
    Hwy. 544 (Dick Pond Rd)
    next to Lowe's Foods and behind Zaxby's

     512 8th Ave. N.
     Myrtle Beach  SC 29577

8.   LOCAL COFFEE HOUSES,  Myrtle Beach

* Fresh Brewed Coffee House
   933 Broadway
   Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
   (843) 251-8282

    A short walk from the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach.  Great place to hang out and mingle.  Cozy and intimate.

* Boardwalk Coffee House
    104 9th Ave., North
     Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

    Great location at the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach w/outdoor seating.


When I first moved to Myrtle Beach; I used to pass by Priscilla's (as I affectionately refer to Priscilla McCall's) and tell myself "I need to go in there and look at their lingerie".   I told myself this because there is a huge display window filled with all sorts of cute and (ahem) interesting styles of nighttime garb.   

The first visit to this store was amazing.   I was much surprised to find that Priscilla's not only sold intimate apparel, but also a large variety of adult sex toys and accessories.    This was my maiden voyage into such a place and I was filled with wonderment and I have to admit, a bit of confusion.   

It can be quite an uneasy feeling to navigate the isles when you aren't quite sure what the heck you're looking at.  Those who work in Priscilla's know this and they came to my rescue.   I was immediately put at ease as most of the women in there were my age and let me tell you...they are very knowledgeable about the products they sell.   

Now, I'm trying to compose this next sentence without having it sound awkward.   Here goes:   The store personnel enabled me to see a demonstration of some of the products I was interested in purchasing.   You see, that sounds risque.   It sounds like I'm saying they "demonstrated" the products, when in all actuality, they just popped in some batteries and explained how each piece could be utilized in such a way so as to gain the most pleasure.   

Moving right along.   I think any single person or couple on a visit to Myrtle Beach should definitely visit Priscilla's.   You'll meet the nicest people, learn a thing or two and I bet you'll walk out of there with something special.   

I have to say that you will not find this sort of attention at either Adam and Eve or Badd Kitty.   Having said that; I've only visited the Badd Kitty which is on Business 17 near the intersection of Mr. Joe White Ave.  There is another location on the Bypass south of Surfside Beach, but I've not had the pleasure of a visit........yet !

  * Priscilla McCall's 
      1100 South Kings Hwy (Business 17)
       Myrtle Beach

* Badd Kitty
   3 Myrtle Beach Locations

* Adam & Eve
   Located in strip mall across the street from Seaboard St. Wal-Mart

11.  NEW SOUTH BREWERY, Myrtle Beach
        1109 Campbell St.
         Myrtle Beach

* Visit to buy beer or to take a tour.  I've become a fan of New South beer from the moment I popped a can of their White Ale which I found at my local Piggly Wiggly store in Surfside Beach.   

It's nice to taste a local brew which doesn't have that watered down taste and appearance.   Get all the "bang" without all the "buck"!!

12. SKY FITNESS 24/7
         4828 Hwy. 17 South Bypass
         Myrtle Beach

Even though the gym has 24-hour access, you will have to purchase a day pass during the hours of operation.  The hours are listed on the website, along with all other pertinent information.   

You're gonna love how accessible the gym is from most areas of Myrtle Beach and how clean and well-maintained the equipment is kept.

          10125 Highway 17 Bypass
           Murrells Inlet, SC  29576
           (843) 651-9400

Back in January 2010, the old movie theater complex in the Inlet Square Mall was shut down in conjunction with the Mall renovation project.   

There is now a great looking, brand-spanking new Movie Theater (11 Screens), a Bistro and Bar, an Arcade and Bowling Alley now occupying the space.

One more place to go and hang out on a rainy or boring day! (or a sunny exciting day).

P.S.   Feel free to engage in any or all of these activities on a non-rainy day as well !!



  1. Most people come to Myrtle beach with their families and chilren or some of us just moved here with our child and don't have babysitting to do most of this stuff heck a job would suffice do u know any of those lol

  2. Elisha...sorry for the delay in answering. I just got a notification today of your comment.

    I am actually working on something similar to what you've suggested as I had to go through the same things when I moved here.

    If you will shoot me an email to beachykeen2010@hotmail.com......I will try to help.