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Friday, February 17, 2012

My New Blog Address

has taken up residence

I'm currently working on setting up all of my links and working on Posts which I lost through Blogger.

I like Blogger, but it's time to move on to a Blogging Platform which is more reliable and less prone to crashing, losing posts and other crazy stuff.

This Blog will be deleted on March 1, 2012.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm Packin' Up and Movin' Out...

I've written previously about problems I've been having Posting to this Blogger Platform.

It's a pity really, as I've always liked the simplicity and ease of use of Blogger.

Unfortunately, I've been spending more time Troubleshooting and less time actually Writing and Posting than I care to and so I'm moving over to Wordpress.

My Twitter and Facebook accounts will remain as they are and I'll keep you posted as to my Progress.  I should have everything Live by Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

Thanks a lot.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

23 Days of Creative Valentine's Day Ideas, Day # 15

This Gift Suggestion is about one thing:


Well, specificially...Sparklers!

No matter where you go in the world; you'll find people celebrating with Fireworks.
The thing is though, these pyrotechnic displays tend to be reserved for Huge events...mostly National events.

Here in Myrtle Beach; we have access to Fireworks stores which are open all year...so, why not take advantage of that and create your own Valentine's Day Show?

I'm obviously not talking on a large scale, but something small and intimate.
After all, you'll have to stay within City guidelines for lighting off fireworks.

Here's the Myrtle Beach Law in a nutshell:

You CANNOT light off Fireworks within the City Limits...not at any time.  And not any where.
You can't light a Sparkler.
You cannot in a Box...you cannot with a Fox...
...you cannot in a House...you cannot with a Mouse.

You cannot light off Fireworks in Myrtle Beach!!

But...you can anywhere outside of the City Limits.

Here's the catch with lighting off Fireworks outside of the City Limits:

You cannot do it on Public property without permission.
You cannot do it on property which is overseen by an HOA without permission.
So, where does that leave you?

You can light off one of those cool Smokeless Candles such as this one:, which I found online @ Phantom Fireworks.

Here's one in action:

This would be great as the Centerpiece to start off your night or to stick in a Homemade Confection (or store bought) and present to your Valentine.
If you light this bad boy...it's going to get someone's attention.

You can also go with Sparklers....and I like the really long ones...I'm thinking they are three or four feet in length.  
One year I bought them for my niece and nephew and they were a Hit.

I spoke with a really nice man named Franklin from the Phantoms Fireworks store across from the old Waccamaw Pottery.
If you're coming from the Beach on 501, take the first exit coming off the bridge.  If you're coming the other way...do the opposite.

They are open Mon-Sat from 10-8.
I chose Phantom Fireworks because they are reputable and they have some nice incentives if you sign up for their newsletter online.
Check it out at Phantomfireworks.com.

I'm going to stop in there this evening and see the stock for myself.
I'd like one of those smokeless candles.
They come in a 4-pack for $5.99.

I'll tell you though that any of the Fireworks stores in Surfside Beach  will help you with your needs as well. 
They are well versed in the local laws and know their stock-on-hand rather well.

A while back I needed to secure the help of the owner of the Mr. Fireworks Store in Surfside Beach on Business 17 across from the Pirateland Campground.
I had trouble with geese and ducks on my property and so I got some of those tiny fireworks to light off because they make a loud sound and run the fowl off.
Plus, it was a lot of fun to light off loud fireworks !!

If anything...get some of the long, old-fashioned style Sparklers and run around the yard being kids again!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

23 Days of Creative Valentine's Day Ideas, Day # 14

Initially, one of my ideas was to suggest a night on the Beach looking at the Night Sky together through a Telescope.

According to my most recent check on the Forecast for Tuesday night...it's supposed to be rainy...and at the very least cloudy and unless you can find a telescope which can penetrate the cloud cover...um...I doubt you'll see anything.

I'm always hopeful though.  A lot can happen with the Weather between now and Tuesday night and so I'm still going to make this one of my suggestions.

It would be cool if there was a place where folks could rent telescopes by the hour or by the day (as in 24-hour clock) at the Beach, but I haven't found one as yet.

Consider this a Gift and a Date Suggestion all rolled up into one.
And it's going to be Cold up there at the Beach and so the both of you might have to be rolled up into "one" in order to keep Warm.

I've found through the years that a basic telescope will enable you to see some pretty cool stuff.

Alright, Alright, so maybe it's not looking so great for a cuddle on the beach with a telescope...but there's always the next night...which ...if you check out the forecast...it looks like Wednesday will be a great night for the casting of gazes skyward.

If you do not already own a Telescope...then this can then become a sort of mutual gift or you can present it to your Valentine as an Exclusive ownership type deal.
If you're married, then that's not a problem...I hope?
If you're not...then giving a Telescope to someone who seems to dig you a lot and who you seem to dig a lot...in a serious way...well, it sends a message that you'd like to Stargaze with them again and again and again.

There are a few places where you can purchase a Telescope inexpensively {as well as less inexpensive models} such as Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, & Kmart.

Buy one.
Wrap it up.
Oooops....back up.
First...read the instructions and try it out...in case you aren't happy with the purchase...
then wrap it up.

Gather blankets, and something hot to drink...some goodies to eat...and head out.   
Try to pick a part of the Beach which is Dark...so setting up shop by the SkyWheel wouldn't work.
If you walk onto the Beach at Surfside...it's mostly residential and dimly lit.  

You can enter the Beach almost anywhere and walk to where you want to go...but if you're like me...it's nice to be near a Restroom facility.  

Set up your mobile Stargazing Station...huddle close...and share what I hope will be an intimate night both physically and intellectually.

So Glad To Learn Something Might Be Done With the Waccamaw Pottery Area

Though I've only lived in the area for just shy of four years; it has been more than 20 years that I've been on visits to the Beach to see Family.

I remember when the Waccamaw Pottery area along Fantasy Harbour Blvd. was thriving...especially compared to what it looks like today.

Today...If you drive over the Eyesore on Hwy. 501 heading East...you'll see virtually nothing but a Huge Auction Sign and the store, Imaginations.  
They do well as they are not only the best supplier of quality Dance products, but they are a HUGE...year-round Costume retailer.
For their sake alone; I hope they get some company soon. 
Whenever I have to go in there to buy something; I sort of get the creeps.  It's so....deserted.

 {click to see larger images}

I was very excited to read an article on the WMBF News website which engenders hope that something might actually happen with this area.
{she claps her hand with glee}

There's no way anything can happen overnight...but it's definitely something to look forward to.

In the meantime, we'll fly on the new Zipline at the Beach and imagine the day when so many of the ugly, empty buildings in Myrtle Beach are filled and doing well financially.

23 Days of Creative Valentine's Day Ideas, Day # 13

I'm not a fan of keeping animals indoors and alone, but I have a huge soft spot for animals which need to be rescued and/or in need of a loving home.

One of the nicest gifts someone gave me when I lived overseas was the cutest little puppy...the only problem was that it was meant to be a watchdog as I lived in an area where Americans got robbed daily...and he wouldn't be "that" for quite some time.  

If your lover is fond of pets, then why not adopt one for them?

Check out the website for the Grand Strand Humane Society.  You can view the pets in need of a home on Petfinder.com.
Get all the stuff your Valentine will need and wrap it up real pretty like.
Giving a pet as a gift is also giving someone a lot of work, but if they're into it...then go for it.

Before making a choice, you can check out the Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission or WARM in Conway.

I'm not sure if these sites are all connected in some way, but here his a link to Adoptapet.com
You can enter in the parameters on how far out you'd be willing to travel to find a good pet...and go from there.

Good Luck and I hope it works out for you and some little Meow or Woof in need.

23 Days of Creative Valentine's Day Ideas, Day # 12

Valentine's Day Date Idea:

So far, the Weather Forecast for Tuesday is Rain/Showers.
What a great night to dress warm and go Restaurant Hopping.
{check out Myrtle Beach Restaurant News if you need some inspiration as to where to go.

Pick a place for drinks and Hors D'oeuvres {appetizers}
Agree with your date as to how long you'll stay for the first course and then head somewhere else.
You can make this Fancy Schmancy, Totally Beach Casual or Something that's a nice combination of fancy and casual.

Make the next stop Dinner or a Second Course...depending on how long you want to drag this out.

Make the next stop Dessert and Coffee or Drinks and a Live Band or Drinks and soft music in a cozy setting.

The last stop can be drinks at his or her place or Breakfast at his or her place!

Bon Appetit! 

Random Local Pix

Click on First Picture to Initiate Slideshow
While Sitting on my Back Porch, This Little Fella Appeared under the Glass Table.
He asked me if I had 15 minutes to spare...

I'm always curious when I see shoes hanging from telephone wires or one shoe on the side of the road, but to see 2 as if someone ran out of them and never went back...well...where's Paul Harvey when you need him?

A Red Harley for Valentine's Day?

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Not sure why there are Surf Shops in Myrtle Beach...I've never seen waves big enough to ride.

I like this big pink house which sits along the Marsh.

The Boardwalk by the Second Ave. Pier
If you want to take a stroll along the new Boardwalk on either side of the Pier, then this is a great
place to park and it's free for the next month or so.

Local Tree by a Local Artist

Saturday, February 11, 2012

23 Days of Creative Valentine's Day Ideas, Day # 11

Tonight my little project is to catch my Valentine's Day posts up to where they are supposed to be.
I fell behind due to the Blogger problem I experienced most of this past week.

I'm a big believer in the power of Music.
Power to do what, you might ask?
Almost anything...

It can stir up sadness...
self reflection...
It can aid in healing a troubled mind, heart and body.

...and the list goes on.

I don't have a certain genre of music that I listen to all the time.
I constantly mix categories and I like almost everything.
Operative word:   Almost

Late last night, while I was up doing some research online; I began to put together a Valentine's Day Mix on my YouTube Channel.

Maybe you could just listen to it online or maybe find a nugget or two which you really fancy...buy them...upload them...and play them for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/ (or all four)...in the background at home...in the car......etc.

Buy those you like or dig them out of your own collection and upload them to your Valentine's ipod or ipad or smartphone or mp3 player.  

I NEVER work out without my music...and I'm sure they'd love to have a little Lover's Day Mix that you put together yourself. 
O.K....so maybe all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and a few dollars deducted from your bank account to purchase music online...but it's mighty thoughtful and personal.

As you might ascertain from my "mix"...{and I'll be adding more up through Valentine's Day}...my definition of Valentine's Day music is very loosely defined.


Friday, February 10, 2012

I Have This "Thing" For Old, Rundown Hotels, Motels & Buildings

It all began in the Summer of 2010. 
At the end of each Tourist Season; I usually take a drive around town to see what's going on.
As soon as the Vacationers head out of town...the bulldozers and orange cones head in...and I get curious.

Old buildings are torn down to make way for new Restaurants and hotels.
Band-Aids are applied to some roadways.
Boardwalks are erected.
Attractions are constructed and quite a number of businesses close or move to areas just outside of the City.

While driving around town a few years ago; I began to take notice of just how many very old and very vacant motels and hotels are taking up space...sort of littering the landscape.

I became fascinated with these buildings. 
I found myself daydreaming about what they might have been like in their heyday. 
I wondered what brought about their closing down.
And I also pondered the reason they just sit there.
Doing nothing.
Serving no one.

This morning I drove past the Astro Motel in Surfside Beach just past the Ocean Lakes Campground...heading South on Business 17.
I haven't had a chance to look into it yet, but I wonder what's going on in that little complex over there.
There's the Astro Motel which sits adjacent to the Ocean Lakes Campground property:

There's the New Construction of what seems to be a Hotel or Motel next to that...

...and yet...it looks like an abandoned project.

There is this nasty looking excuse for a building next to the New Construction.

Behind this mess is this:

And then there's a building with a sign out front which reads:  Tropicana.

My best blind guess is that it might've been a Club...back in the day.

I called the Surfside Beach Town Hall this morning and asked if I could find out what this building used to be, but the lady who answered was reluctant to say anything and sent me along to the County.

If anyone knows what the Tropicana used to be...please leave a Comment or email me?  

Harrelson Boulevard Now Extends to Business 17

Harrelson Boulevard used to STOP @ the entrance to the Myrtle Beach Airport.

Not any longer.

Now...you can keep driving all the way through to Business 17...
...if you so desire!

There is a traffic light at the old entrance to the Airport and you have to make a right at the light in order to do whatever it is you're planning to do at the Airport.

As you travel on the Harrelson Blvd. Extension...look to your right as you pass the Airport and you'll be able to see the Steel Framework in place for the New Myrtle Beach Airport Building.

And "Yes", there is an Entrance to the Whispering Pines Golf Course from the Extension.

Lots and lots going on around here these days.

23 Days of Creative Valentine's Day Ideas, Day # 10

Valentine's Day Date Suggestion:

Keep it Simple.

Rent or Buy a Movie and Make it a Night @ Home.

You're going to have to come up with some sort of movie which caters to both men and women.  
It's not fair to subject a man to a boring chick flick.
It's also not fair to subject a woman to a rock 'em sock 'em epic adventure if she's not into that.

Light the fireplace if you have one...and if not, then turn down the lights and ignite as many candles as you can.
Tapers...pillars...votives...get them all out!!!

Or, if you really want to be corny...then set your laptop or Smartphone ablaze with a Virtual Yule Log.
Place it on the coffee table for all to enjoy! 

Put together some of your favorite snacks and beverages and maybe if you get tipsy enough you'll both polish off that $3.88 chocolate-filled heart that you got for her from Walmart and they might actually taste good?

Put on your favorite...comfy PJ's.
Share a huge blanket.

Pop in the DVD...and Voila! 

Here's a List of Suggested Movies.  
Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean you're limited to Romance Themes.
{I have included those, but not all of the obvious ones}
Dare to be different.
Break the Mold.
I have faith in you; you can do this!

I'm blowing the dust off most of these recommendations:

1. Before Sunrise 
Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy...talk about chemistry and great acting!
and if you watch this, then it would be great to watch the sequel and 
make it a back-to-back extravaganza!
2. Before Sunset

The cool thing is that this sequel actually took place 9 years after the first movie...just like in the movie.

These are the types of movies which make you believe in intense first encounters.

I love not just the acting, but the cerebral aspect of the plots.
It's two people...talking, interacting.
There aren't many who could pull this off...but these two definitely do.
I'm pretty sure you'll dig the Soundtracks as well.

3. Hair (1979, Musical)
Great Actors: 
Treat Williams, Beverly D'Angelo, John Savage  
If you didn't grow up, as I did, watching movie musicals...then it might not be your thing.
Learn about a time and place you may not be familiar with.

4. Roman Holiday
Actually filmed in Rome
Audrey Hepburn & Gregory Peck
Something for everyone...
for the men:  Audrey Hepburn
for the ladies:  a young Gregory Peck

5. To Sir With Love
Classic with the Awesome Sidney Poitier

6. Heaven Can Wait 
Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Dyan Cannon, Charles Grodin, Buck Henry, Jack Warden, James Mason

7.  The Station Agent

8.  The Visitor
Also understated

9.  Donnie Darko
Jake Gyllenhal, Patrick Swayze, Drew Barrymore, Jenna Malone

10.  Life is Beautiful--!!!
One of my favorite movies ever.
I think most women would love to have a Guido pursue them.
I think most men would love to pursue a woman knowing looks aren't everything!
Historical Fiction with a Twist.

11. Bonnie and Clyde---!!!!!
Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, Gene Hackman, Gene Wilder, Estelle Parsons
Faye Dunaway is all woman in this one...pistol and all.

12. Paper Moon
Ryan and Tatum O'Neal @ their very best!!

13.  A Star is Born
Awesome Soundtrack! 
Barbra Streisand, Kris Kristofferson
Don't overlook this one!!

14.  Dial "M" for Murder
{Alfred Hitchcock}
Grace Kelly before she was crowned a "royal", 

15.  A Streetcar Named Desire
Young Marlon Brando...omg!
Vivien Leigh

16.  Rear Window
{Alfred Hitchcock}
James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Raymond Burr

17.  North by Northwest
{Alfred Hitchcock}
Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason

18.  Princess Bride
One of the great Cult Films

19.  About a Boy
Everyone can relate to something in this movie

20.  Arthur {1981--only!}
Dudley Moore, Liza Minelli, John Gielgud

21.  The Sting
Young Paul Newman and Robert Redford......Come on!

22.  Three Days of the Condor
Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway
Directed by Sidney Pollack

23. Good Will Hunting 
Matt Damon, Ben Affleck

24.  Dead Poets Society
Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard

25.  In Bruges--!!
Love the Humor!

26.  Mama Mia
A great modern musical with a story to boot!

27.  Somewhere in Time
Is someone waiting in your past for you to arrive?

28.  Fargo
Another great Cult Flick
Marge and her husband bring the Romance into the Film.
(in case you were wondering)

29.  A Hard Day's Night {The Beatles}
Watch the Whole Movie on YouTube...but you'll only enjoy it if you like Beatles music & their humor!

Hopefully this will get you started?

Big Apple Bagels, Surfside Beach

While driving home the other day; I got a call from one of my daughters.
She related how she had stopped in at the Big Apple Bagels in Surfside Beach.

She went on to tell me that she purchased two muffins...
1. Chocolate Cheesecake
and the other:
2.  Boston Creme (cream)

I told her to go ahead and taste each so I could have a reliable review of the Muffins.
She wouldn't do it.  It was imperative to her that I get a chance to see what the muffins looked like...in person.
Pictures would not suffice.

I came, I saw, I tasted.

I took pictures.

And now, I write:

Both muffins were dense and extremely moist.
I found that the Chocolate Cheesecake held up best the next day...both were wrapped tightly in plastic wrap.

The taste of each was authentic and the Boston Creme was filled with creme {custard} and the Chocolate Cheesecake had that cheesecake "bite" without being too intense.

The Big Apple Bagel Factory menu lists these as Gourmet Jumbo Muffins and they will set you back $1.99.
If you're like me, then you'd never be able to eat one of these at one time.  I had to cut each of mine in thirds and I shared them with my daughters.  
They are dense...seriously.
But to put my comments in perspective...I rarely eat sweets and so I can't handle more than a bite or two.

I'm anxious to go back and try their bagels early in the morning...when they first open.  
My daughter caught them just before closing...when there were few, if any, bagel offerings.

Big Apple Bagels
120 Highway 17 South
(in the Piggly Wiggly plaza)

Check out their menu before you go in.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pig Swig--Sold in Piggly Wiggly Stores

I went to the Beer section @ my local Piggly Wiggly.
I only drink on rare occasions these days, as I resent the deduction of beer calories from my daily calorie count.
I work too hard and don't want to see good calories go to "waist".
{cue snare}

Every now and then I just feel like trying something new.
It was in this very Piggly Wiggly that I first discovered New South Brewery in Myrtle Beach and their Pale Ale.
This time while shopping at "The Pig"...I came across Pig Swig.
{you heard me right}
Pig Pen Pilsner
Brewed by Thomas Creek Brewery
Greenville, South Carolina

The Pig Swig Brand is found Exclusively in Piggly Wiggly stores.
Makes sense...pigs with pigs...same-same.

I went with the Pilsner because I wanted to compare it to the typical American-consumed beers.
I've gotten away from drinking the Pilsners because they tend to have a watered-down taste. 
They were great for playing drinking games like "Quarters" at the Football parties in High School and they're great when your wife wants you to cut back on your beer budget...but beyond that....um...

I thought this beer had the heartiness of a craft beer along with the lightness of a Pilsner.
It had a great head on it which lasted longer than I expected.
I'll probably try the Ale the next time I purchase this brand as I've trained myself to enjoy a much bolder brew.  
I like the paler ales and don't go in for anything which resembles the  Guinness Black Label Dark Beer......you know...the stuff that tastes like liquefied cigars?

The other brand of Thomas Creek beer sold through Piggly Wiggly is called Pig Tail-Ale.  The beers were on sale along with some leftover Christmas Pig Swig and they were  2/$10.00 with a Pig Card.


I happen to love sweet onions and I happen to love making Onion Compote.  I use it as a base for stews and as a topping for meats and sandwiches and potato pancakes.
I used the Pilsner in place of white wine during the reduction of my compote...and it was awesome!

Here's a quick and easy recipe:

3-large onions, chopped
3-tablespoons butter or margarine
3-tablespoons sugar
1-Cup of dry wine or beer

Melt the butter in a large, non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.
Add the onions and 3-tablespoons of sugar.
Cook until onions are golden, stirring often, about 15 minutes.
Reduce heat to medium-low.
Add wine {or in this case, beer} and cook until very tender and the mixture is reduced to a thick, jam-like consistency, stirring frequently...about 40 minutes.
I store mine in a jar in the refrigerator and use it quickly.

North Myrtle Beach Passes Smoking Ban

You can read the Ordinance which passed on February 6, 2012 here.

The new ordinance goes into effect 30 days from and after the date of its adoption...which makes it March 7, 2012. 

Zoom With a View

Scheduled to Open in April, 2012

{file this one under "Changes You May Find When You Return to Myrtle Beach"}

I recently noticed the ground being broken up by huge construction vehicles on the large grassy spot which was once a Myrtle Beach landmark...The Pavilion.

I found a few news reports online and both made reference to Shane Bull, owner of Adrenaline Adventures, as being the man in charge of this operation.

and if you check out the site, then you'll see various videos of the Ziplines he erects and get a taste of what will be going on around here this Summer.

In one of the interviews, Mr. Bull announced that the Zipline at the old Pavilion site will incorporate a new braking system...allowing at least 6 people to go at one time.

The other site is located between the Springmaid Pier and Damon's Restaurant at the South end of the Beach...and this one will be DIRECTLY on the Beach! 

If you come up out of the water and hit the "Zip"...
...I guess that will make you a part of a Human Moving Clothesline.
That's one way to dry off!

Shane Bull also made reference to another "Experience" on the Grass...
a Free Fall.  

When I find out more details on that one...I'll post it here.

Come back by for more pictures as the construction on these 2 projects move along.
Based on prices posted on the Mammoth Cave Adventures site...I would imagine this Zipline might set you back about $35 or more.
Don't quote me on that...I'm just giving you some perspective. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

There's Been An Intermittent Glitch Posting to My Blogger Platform

Sorry for the delay in posting items this past week. 
Some of the writings have gone "live" and others are languishing in my Drafts Folder.

I've been assured that everything is working fine and dandy...and the fact that I've been able to post this short note is very reassuring.

Hang with me while I catch up...

Monday, February 6, 2012

23 Days of Creative Valentine's Day Ideas, Day # 9

This morning I'd like to offer a Valentine's Day "lead-up" Gift for Guys to bestow upon their Girl.

Please keep in mind:   This blog is not about offering suggestions which cater to the high maintenance male or female.
If you are one or if you are burdened down by one of those...I feel sorry for you, but unfortunately; I cannot help you. 
And quite frankly...I don't want to help you...not because I'm a mean person, but because I'm not an Enabler.
{please read last comment with a lighthearted lilt}

1. For this suggestion, results will vary depending on the contents of your wallet and the budget you have designated for V-Day.
You did budget some money, right?
It doesn't have to be a lot...I'm serious.

Guys...it's really all about the thought...
and the sincerity behind it 
and the adorableness of it 
and the "coo" factor 
...which of course all adds up to prove that you've a measure of  affection for her...

...whether it really is or not.
{see how it works?}

For optimal effect...it's my recommendation that you perpetrate this gift on your Valentine while she's at work, but home will work as well. At the very least...you can present it to her yourself...but the effect will pack a better wallop if you get someone else to deliver it for you.

A few days before the Big Day...purchase either a single flower...wrapped in red or pink tissue paper{the way they do it at the Florist}...tied with a ribbon ...or purchase a small bouquet.

I would suggest not doing this more than 4 days in advance and I think four IS the best.

Prior to sending any of the flowers; you are going to fold a piece of paper into four sections...draw a heart in the middle and then write words similar to these:

Cut the paper into fourths and send one of the quadrants along with the flower (or very small bouquet).

The next day...send two stemmed flowers and another section...

The third day...three flowers...and the third section of note...

The fourth day...Valentine's Day...send however many flowers you'd like.
Maybe one long-stemmed rose.
Maybe a bouquet.
It doesn't matter because the puzzle note is going to be what "gets her" in the end.

Good Luck!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring Bike Rally Dates as per Sign in Front of Harley Davidson Store & the Swirl of Controversy Surrounding It!

I had to add:  "as per sign in front of Harley Davidson Store"...due to the dust of controversy which has been kicked up over Bike Rally dates.

Here are a few stories I've found which shed some light on this very sore subject.

I have to admit that whenever I initially read a story which makes any sort of reference to the Myrtle Beach City Council...my teeth involuntarily go into a major grind.

This situation with the Bike Rally is no different, but I'm a person who strives for a balanced approach at all times and so I made myself read the stories through several times.   
I wanted see it from all points of view before formulating an opinion.

Why would there be such a heavy traffic problem when the level of bikers has been way down?

Why can't a business owner schedule an Event when he wants to without having to appease the always-up-in-arms Myrtle Beach City Council Members and residents in the local area who can't put up with the sound of commerce revving in their ears for a few weeks out of the year?

In Politics, as in almost anything else in life...you have to follow the money.
It's my personal opinion...
...and I'm basing my personal opinion on the behavior of this Council since I moved to Myrtle Beach...

...and I'm going on basic human nature and the nature of politicians (yes, politicians are a separate category)...

...in stating that I believe the Myrtle Beach City Council members take the stand they do on Bike Week {now and in the past}...under threat of not being re-elected back into Power by certain influential constituents.

They work so hard at keeping local business cash registers quiet that it defies logic and reason and common "cents".

Biker participation is way, way down.  Though it was on the upswing last season...it was still minimal.

It seemingly makes no sense to argue that there would be too many people in the area during the time in question.  
Even with Military Days events... the Atlantic Beach bike fest and the Harley Davidson Rally...would it really be such a major fuss so as to cause the Council to exert their un-holy power by threatening to withhold vendor permits?

When I see pictures or videos of Council Members sitting high and mightily above the regular-walking-around-folk who crawl to the microphone graveling and making their case to retain a modicum of freedom...freedoms which the Council has the power to grant or deny...it really makes me sick to my stomach.  

Politicians are supposed to be public servants (yes, this has become an official "rant")...and not the other way around.
The People need to Humble the sorry butts of these Council Members  by placing them at some of those real cheap card tables...you know...the ones with the legs which collapse if you try to move them without picking them up first?...and some folding chairs...or better yet...some upturned pickle buckets...which I'm sure a local McDonald's would be happy to donate (recycling...big thumbs up!).

This issue alone is a blaring example of why Myrtle Beach residents need to vote these people out the next time any one of them is up for Re-election.
We need to limit their terms thereby limiting their power thereby limiting their further damage to the health of the local economy.

And while we're at it...we need to make a sweep of the Horry County Council members as well. 

Place these people back in mainstream society with the rest of us.

If my opinion on this matter is too simplistic or lacks information...I stand ready to be properly schooled in the matter.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Coming Attractions

This weekend I'll be returning to Posts on Politics which I started, but never finished, on: 

...The Myrtle Beach Appearance Board

...the Candidates Running for the 7th Congressional District

...The Myrtle Beach Ad/Tourist Tax

...How Religion Affects Local Politics and Policies

23 Days of Creative Valentine's Day Ideas, Day # 8

Today is Gift Suggestion Day:

No fanfare this morning...no preamble...let's just hit it:

1. Jamn' Leather Black & Red Feather Boa
I'm quite sure there are other local sources where a feather boa can be purchased, such as (and I've already checked the websites to verify)...Michael's Craft Store and A.C. Moore Craft Store. But I like this black and red model.

The prices are all about the same...in the $8 range.
Of course, just because an item is advertised on a website doesn't mean it's available in the store.
I'd call and check first.

I noticed that Adam and Eve stores advertise a feather boa...but they are 3x the price of the other stores.  
Maybe it's of a superior quality...made from feathers which are individually plucked from some exotic bird by virgins on a secluded Caribbean island...I have no idea.
Considering how often anyone is likely to use a feather boa...I'd go the less expensive route first.

So, what to do with the feather boa once you've acquired one?

Here's a few off-the-cuff suggestions:

Girl gives to Guy:  

...wrap it up in a box with other items to make a complete outfit...whether a thong, or bathing suit, or teddy...or...just the boa...
and either put it on in front of him or let him decide when he'd like to see you adorned in feathers.

...wear the feather boa as an accessory to whatever sort of outfit is appropriate for your relationship...along with a HUGE homemade red cutout heart card.

...download a version of "The Stripper" or just play it from YouTube:

Practice your dance first...make it memorable!

...Using your digital camera, webcam or a willing accomplice...take some shots of yourself in your Boa. 
Take inspiration from Famous Vixens and come up with your own version.

Guy gives to Girl:

Whether you have a lady who knows what to do with one of these feather boas or not...wrap it up either alone or with other items.

I would hope that any wife or girlfriend would realize that guys are visual creatures and that Valentine's Day is not just all about the Lady.
She should go out of her way to do fun and exciting things to keep the spark and sizzle In...and boredom and coldness Out.

Guys should communicate what they like and be patient while the woman finds a level of comfort doing things which are outside of her comfort zone and/or personality.
I'm not talking weird stuff here.
I do know that many couples do not speak up and consequently they're both missing out on a great time and sometimes they become very frustrated in the process.

I'm just talking about the introduction of a feather boa on Valentine's Day...a day when it's perfectly normal to introduce steamy subjects. 
It's no longer taboo to talk about being playful...nor should it be.
You'll both take your intimacy to a whole new level...which will translate into all areas of your life...if you just turn up the volume on "playful".

Leave your troubles at the door and don't allow them to enter those private moments with your Valentine.

I have to say...I noticed that Feather Boas are not only "in" when it comes to "using" them....but it seems many crafters are using them to decorate for Valentine's Day...such as garland for a fireplace  mantel or wrapped around a foam topiary.

So get creative with your very versatile boa.
If you have any other ideas or want to share how you used yours...then please either leave a Comment or write me privately.

Just a Coincidence?

Back in January I posted pictures and called for Myrtle Beach to fix the Rippled roads on Business 17 between 8th Ave. and 17th Ave. (especially)

While driving my daughter to work early this morning; I noticed that some road repair work at various intersections.
We both laughed.
I then said what she was waiting for me to say (with tongue deeply implanted in cheek)...
"Look at the power I wield to get things done!"

Is it just a coincidence?
Probably...but I can dream, can't I?

 The ripples are still there, but you don't feel them...not compared to the before-the-repair ride.